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Clothes Mentor


What is Clothes Mentor?

Clothes Mentor is a resale store that specializes in buying and selling gently used women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.
It is the perfect place for customers looking to make some extra cash or to find great deals on designer fashion items.
Customers can sell their gently used clothes and accessories for cash on the spot or opt for a store credit to use on future
Clothes Mentor also carries a full lineup of new items, including clothing, accessories and shoes from top name brands like
Gap, Loft, Banana Republic and more. Customers can shop in-store or online for their favorite fashion finds.
With unbeatable prices and frequent sales, Clothes Mentor is the go-to destination for finding designer styles without the
designer price tag.
Besides being an amazing shopping destination, this store also donates proceeds from all purchases back to local charities
and community programs.
Not only does this help support our neighborhoods, but it means that customers can feel great about every purchase they
make at Clothes Mentor.


What are the Different Products and Accessories You Can Find There?

A Clothes Mentor offers an extensive selection of gently used clothing and accessories, including tops, bottoms, dresses,
purses, wallets, jewelry and more.
Customers can also find brand new items from top name brands like Gap, LOFT and Banana Republic.
Additionally, customers can find a variety of shoes; everything from sandals to boots to tennis shoes and more.
Customers can also find a variety of scarves, hats, belts and other accessories to complete their look.
He even offers seasonal items like winter coats, sweaters and holiday attire so customers can always be in style no matter
the time of year.
With so much to choose from, Clothes Mentor is the perfect place to shop for any wardrobe needs.


What are the Prices for Selected Items?

Clothes Mentor offers unbeatable prices on all of its items, from gently used items to brand new ones.
Prices for clothing range from $5 – $20 for gently used items, depending on the quality and condition of the item.
Brand new items can range anywhere from $10 – $50 depending on the style and brand.


Where Can I Buy It?

Clothes Mentor has stores located across the United States. Customers can also shop online at their website for even more
With frequent sales and unbeatable prices, this is the perfect destination for finding designer styles without breaking the
Shop in-store or online today to find your fashion finds!

For a Shop Near You Press Here


How Can You Sell There?

If you have gently used clothing, shoes and accessories that you’d like to get rid of, consider selling them at Clothes Mentor.
Customers can bring in their items to be evaluated by a store associate and receive cash or store credit for them on the spot.
Clothes Mentor is always looking for items in great condition, so customers can make some extra cash while getting rid of
those clothes they never wear anymore.


What Is the Return Policy?

Clothes Mentor offers an easy return policy for any item that doesn’t fit or isn’t what the customer expected.
Customers can bring back their items within 14 days of purchase for a full refund, store credit, or exchange.
Additionally, customers have 30 days to return any defective items for a full refund or exchange.
Customers may also return any items purchased online for store credit or exchange within 14 days of delivery.


Is There a Costumer Service?

Clothes Mentor offers a customer service team that is available to answer any questions that customers may have.
Customers can call the customer service line, email the store, or ask their questions on the store’s live chat feature.


Can I Find Hiking and Trekking Wear There?

Clothes Mentor does not offer hiking or trekking wear, but customers can find a variety of outdoor and activewear items
that are perfect for the outdoors.
Customers can find everything from shorts to jackets to yoga pants and more, all at unbeatable prices.


Does Clothes Mentor take Men’s?

Yes, Clothes Mentor has a great selection of both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.


What’s Other Good Site to Sell CLothes On?

There are many other sites on which you can sell clothes, including eBay, Poshmark, thredUP, and Depop.
Each of these sites has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling clothes online.


How Do I Know What Clothes to Give Away?

When deciding what clothes to give away, it’s best to consider if the item is still in good condition.
If not, then it’s time to donate the item or throw it away.
Additionally, you should consider if you have worn the item within the past year.
If not, then chances are that you don’t need it and it may be better to donate or sell.
Finally, if the item is out of style, then you can donate or give away the item as well.


Final Thoughts

No matter what your wardrobe needs, Clothes Mentor has something for everyone.
With unbeatable prices and a wide selection of items to choose from, Clothes Mentor is the perfect place to shop for any
Shop in-store or online today and find designer styles at a fraction of the price!
Additionally, if you have gently used clothes that you’d like to get rid of, consider selling them at Clothes Mentor for some
extra cash.
Finally, if you need help with sizing or have any other questions, the customer service team is available to answer all your
So what are you waiting for?
Start shopping at Clothes Mentor today!

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